Looking towards the future.

In RAM we design and realize products with cutting-edge technologies, without forgetting the impact that production activities have over our planet and that natural resources are day by day quickly decreasing.

Our commitment

What: we design our products to be energy efficient and durable in time

How: blending together transversal engineering skills coming from different sectors, to optimally select construction materials and their geometry, to develop balanced kinematic systems for energy recovery and to create optimized control systems.

In our concept of sustainability, no one is excluded: we embrace both care for the environment and care for people.

Our actions

Use of renewable energy

  • 6.154 solar panels
  • 13.191,65 square meters area
  • 1.268,83 KWh of renewable and totally clean energy produced

Internal development of a technology for energy efficiency

We improved the efficiency of the standard cooling cycle of our air conditioning machines with a technology fully developed in RAM.

Strategic work-shifts

In the hottest months of the year we differentiate the work shifts among departments: it reduces energy consumption and our team members work in a pleasant, fresh and relaxing ambience.


We invested in 3 automated warehouses:

  • Unnecessary polluting emissions are avoided, thanks to real-time update on stock availability and subsequent efficient transport organization for supplies.
  • Time and effort for manual handling loads activities are saved, thanks to the full automation of these activities.

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