Our ability to meet “the needs of the present without compromising those of the future“.

The concept of sustainability has gradually been incorporated in the broader idea of sustainable development, which embraces environmental, economic and social issues. We at RAM share this threefold perspective – by paying great attention to the ever-increasing scarcity of environmental resources, the impact of our production activities, as well as the well-being of our people – with the final goal of designing technologically advanced foam contour cutting machines and automatic cutting systems.

Our approach

We succeed in creating high-efficiency, long-lasting, automatic contour cutting systems, thanks to our engineering competences in different areas. For instance, we pay careful attention to choosing optimal construction materials, developing balanced, energy-recovering kinematics mechanisms, as well as creating optimized control systems.

Our actions

Use of renewable energy

  • 6.154 solar panels;
  • 13,191.65 m2 surface;
  • 1,268.83 kWh of renewable and clean energy produced to date.

In-house development of energy efficiency technologies

In-house, we have developed a particular technology which improves the efficiency of the standard cooling cycle. All our internal cooling systems have been provided with it.

Strategic work shifts

In summer, our departments have alternative work shifts. In this way, we gain a double advantage: our team members can work during the cooler hours of the day, and we can also save energy!


We invested in 3 automatic Modula Warehouse Management Systems which enable us to:

  • avoid unnecessary pollution, thanks to real-time storage update and transport optimization;
  • reduce load-handling operations, thanks to complete automation of the warehouses.

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