The first service by importance is the sharing of knowledge: owning a RAM machine means the achievement of a status where you don’t have to worry about servicing intervals, hidden or unexpected costs of maintenance.

Cutting technology made simple, this is the soul of our products.

Hereafter some general FAQs explaining our caring approach to all of our machines and all of our customers.


Is remote service possible on your machines?

If the customer is providing us with an Internet connection active on the machine, we can remotely check the system configuration parameters, monitor the behaviour of the machine I/O, execute software updates, teach the user on procedures or check the correct working process setup.
To let us connect to the machine, if it is not already present, you should download and run the following software:

Important note: do not rename the downloaded file. Keep it with its original name.

What is the speed of your cutting machines?

Some manufacturers are mentioning moving speed instead of real processing speed. Unfortunately in our business there isn’t yet a standard forcing all the machine producers to present their products using unified figures: the type of material and the shape in cut are influencing a lot the performance of all the types of automatic contour cutting machines.

Thanks to our 1200 sqm showroom permanently functional, it is part of the experience we want to offer to our customers, or potential ones, to welcome them to our headquarters to show them, even on his own material, the real productivity of our machines…with no tricks!

What about a line of production? Is RAM offering standalone machines only?

A production line is a queue of several cutting machines which, starting from the raw material, add at each station a geometrical feature to the product until, in the end of the line, it is completed.

This is a system with a very high throughput but needing large spaces and investment costs. Our products can be installed forming production lines or even be integrated into existing ones. Thanks to an extended options catalogue for each of our cutting machines, we can deliver mass production capable systems in installing spaces and purchasing budgets of the same order as a single machine!


Is RAM SW compatible with DXF data?

Yes, it is: user can handle DXF data both in our planning software and on the machine controlling software. The DXF handling routine is offering the same possibilities as our proprietary pattern file format. User can process DXFs or he can convert them into RAM data to be able to access to a more abstracted level of scheduling the production using our RAM Plan software.

How are the cutting layouts prepared? (Nesting)

To speed up the machine setup times, our controlling software is offering several possibilities all automatic. As an alternative, to meet special requirements, it is possible to manually force the layout setup.

Is the SW interface Multilanguage?

Our software has been designed as completely scalable in terms of languages that must be added. If the desired language isn’t already available, it is possible to add it very quickly and easily.

Is there a way to import in the SW the paper models used when the cutting was still manually done?

There are several possibilities to do this task: from the automatic scanning using a camera, to a digitizing table, to the direct drawing using our CAD. Thanks to the DXF data compatibility it is possible to directly import files directly arriving from your customers.

Is the SW running in Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP?

Our SW is natively programmed in Windows environment. We keep the compatibility of our SW in line with the latest version of Windows released. Using Windows as environment grants the possibility of using a user known interface for easy operations regarding the files handling and transferring, through USB memory key or LAN, the quick setup of an intranet, cabled or Wifi, the arrangement of a remote assistance service.


If the machine user has changed, how can a new user be trained?

We offer training to new machine users, or also reviews to the most experienced ones. It is important to be using efficiently all the tools available to operate the cutting machines in an optimal way. Our training can be managed at our premises or even at customer sites.


Endless band knife, oscillating blade, abrasive fast wire… What is the best tool for cutting?

All the RAM contour cutting machines are conceived to meet requirements of hi-performance cuts on a very wide range of different material hardness:

  • high speed on soft polyurethane: SLC and VCR families of machines;
  • high performance cuts on soft and hard polyurethane: SPL machines family;
  • contour cutting of rigid polyurethane: SFI and VCR F families of machines.

How is the machine blade sharpened?

The endless band knife contour cutting machines (SLC and VCR series) are equipped with an automatic sharpening device. The sharpening properties can be set within the controlling software to keep the blade action always efficient, independently from the type of material in cutting. Therefore the blade replacement, a quick operation thanks to a careful design, is needed only at the end of its lifespan.

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