Reduced mass system: our designing journey

Can you guess what birds, air, silence, and lightness have to do with horizontal contour cutting machines? No hints at all? Then, follow our designing journey and find it out!

Let us start by saying that birds and air have been our inspiration, while silence and lightness directly derive from our idea. All this has resulted in one of the most remarkable features in our range.

But let’s go step by step.

When ideating our contour cutters, our main aim was to give life to machineries that would embody both our company and our values. That is to say, they would be productive, innovative, unique, and sustainable – not only from an environmental point of view, but also from an economic perspective.

This is where birds popped up.

Indeed, our engineers were thinking of something agile and quick, yet precise and controlled in movements. And, is there anything more elegant and fluid than flying birds?

Furthermore, these animals have always been a basis for comparison throughout history. From Icarus and Daedalus to Leonardo Da Vinci, from George Cayley to the Wright brothers: men have always admired them for their elegance and, above all, their ability to fly. They were fascinated, and always tried to imitate them and their movement, to go beyond the limits of human nature.

And this attempt to innovate, to transcend, to always go further, is exactly what characterizes and connects designers – of all fields. They do not limit themselves to improve performance and/or products, they always try to challenge the limit, and then surpass it.

So, our engineers took inspiration not only from birds, but also from the main element connected with them. With this in mind, they created an innovative structure that distinguishes all our machines, and relies on the concept of air.

This structural solution is what we call reduced mass system.

In order to create it, we substituted traditional carpentry with deep analysis, engineering, and multidisciplinary expertise. As a result, every single component, even the simplest, plays a fundamental role. Together, they form a final product that not only is solid and lighter, if compared to traditional machines, but it also creates value, thanks to its performance.

To delve more into it, and continue following the steps of our engineers, let’s get back to air.

As we have already mentioned, the structures they designed are lighter – but still sturdy – and also more complex, precisely thanks to air. Indeed, the use of this element, together with the elimination of conventional counterweights, led to a new balance, and to more silent products that move faster, in a precise, rapid way.

So, here come into play also the other two concepts we have introduced at the beginning: silence and lightness.

Our cutting machines are characterized by the same sound of air: silence.

This is possible because we build them by using less material than the amount employed for traditional ones, but we cleverly position every component in the right place. And this is also why we can claim they “have lost weight”. So, no spells, it’s just (wise) engineering!

Moreover, the reduced mass system also entails energy and cost savings.

As a matter of fact, our conscious choice for respecting the environment and avoiding unnecessary costs reflects in the use of a minor quantity of iron and other components. Therefore, we exploit fewer natural resources.
Furthermore, our machines need less power (and this has an impact also on electric connections), if compared to traditional ones, since the motors they are provided with are smaller. Therefore, they are energy- and cost-saving.
To sum up, thanks to this system, we produce machines that are more sustainable not only from an environmental point of view, but also in their management and maintenance.

Now you know what our engineers were thinking of when designing our machines, and you could also appreciate the results of their work by reading this text…

… But, in case you want to touch their innovative solution with hand, our permanent showroom is waiting for you. Just contact us and book your tour!