RAM Commander: the solution for a smooth production

Speeding up the production process is the main aim of all companies. But you can’t improve, if you do not have complete control of your production orders. Or if you have to prevent possible human errors on your contour cutting machines’ settings and planning. If you are dealing with foam cutting and experiencing troubles concerning the management of your production cycle, the RAM Commander is the solution.

The RAM Commander is a set of software programs that bidirectionally connects the production planner with machines and operators. In this way, it allows to conveniently manage the production flow directly from your office.

But how does the RAM Commander work?

RAM Commander: the innovation that makes your polyurethane cutting process smoother
RAM Commander: the software suite fundamental for scheduling and controlling the whole production process


It includes two systems – the RAM CAD Planning Package license and a planning tool.
With the former, the user (e.g. the technical office, the Production Manager, etc.) can easily import, manage and create models and cutting paths. Thus, it helps to define what to produce and how to produce it.
The integration with the RAM Commander enhances and boosts the RAM CAD. Indeed, the first one adds a temporal dimension to the second, by making it possible to define when to produce the orders. Moreover, the planning tool allows to specify which of the machines connected to it is expected to produce and determines the work shift.

This solution is perfect for well-organized production contexts, since it smooths the communication between the production planner and the user, and reduces possible human mistakes when preparing the machine for the cutting process.

As a matter of fact, the machine operator is only expected to load the material, confirm the related cutting path, and start the process. In addition, the RAM Commander associates the machine settings to the type of material processed (e.g. cutting speed management, strategy in the corners and arcs, use of the sponge detection sensor, etc.).
Then, once the contour cutting machine has concluded the operations, it automatically sends a communication to the production planner through the onboard handheld. In this way, it is possible to constantly monitor the production flow and get a real-time view on the cutting processes and the production queue.

Not only does it manage production orders: the RAM Commander also collects data.

Indeed, thanks to an accurate analysis, it is able to get performance indicators of the whole production cycle, thus showing if a cutting machine is not completely filled, if some operators need further training, etc. Furthermore, it provides statistics concerning the blades and the machines in general, such as the number of blades used, the life span of each of them, their average life span, etc. So, the production planner always has an overall view of the whole production.

Now that you’ve find out all its qualities, are you dreaming of it but you fear you are aiming too high?

Don’t worry! This software suite is not exclusive for well-organized production contexts only. On the contrary, everyone can start improving their production with it. Indeed, the RAM Commander helps, in a simple, immediate way, to bring out the planner hidden inside you!

Don’t hold back: upgrade your production and get complete command of it!

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