The vertical compact contour cutting machine VCR HT has been conceived to meet any kind of production requirement, thanks to its modular design and the possibility of being configured, both in length and in width, to maximize the use of raw materials in its standard formats. By virtue of its compact dimensions, it is possible to install the machine also in very tight productions. During the designing phase, we mainly focused on the end-user experience. Indeed, the VCR HT is easy to use, both in the case of automatic and manual operations. For instance, the natural-height machine conveyors allow a practical material setup and the unloading. Thanks to valuable details - such as the automatic sharpening device and the cutting head, whose height can be adjusted -, this machine can offer the best compromise between accuracy and cutting speed. The controlling software is very easy and quick to use. It can import existing archives thanks to the DXF and other formats compatibility. The RAM Planner allows to acquire and/or reedit new designs, and schedule efficient production plans. This can be done thanks to the possibility of preparing complex layouts and precise cutting paths.
Can deal with...
  • Soft, medium, high density polyurethane blocks, from low to medium, medium-high* hardness
  • Expanded polyester polyurethane
  • Memory and pneumatic foam
  • Latex
  • Polyester fibers, Coupled materials, textiles and felts*
(*only in some configurations) manufacture
  • Sofa sets and upholstery parts
  • Seats and mattress
  • Caravan components
  • Technical details
  • Thermal insulating details
  • Packaging parts