Our Vision is our essence…

Creating value is our goal. Thanks to the experience and expertise of our team, at RAM we have laid the foundations for Research & Innovation.

With a view to going beyond the cutting edge, as well as conceiving increasingly enhanced products and services, our company has committed over time to rethinking the industry standards to embrace the future.

We started off to innovate,
and kept going to re-innovate

Our restless creativity is our boost. It underpins our aspiration to breathe intelligence into our machines, while automating your processes. Every day our team pushes the boundaries. All that lies beyond them is RAM.

… our Mission is our formula.

As pioneers in envisioning technology, we at RAM pursue the idea of re-defining the future standards in the world of cutting of expanded polyurethane, foam, fibers, and textile.

All this, by designing customized cnc contour cutting machines which stand out for being fast, versatile and easy to use.

Experience and experimentation

Today, experience and experimentation blend together, leading to continuous re-innovation. All our ideas are developed in-house, thanks to our solid corporate know-how.

A human touch
to lead innovation

Not only is the difference made by our automatic contour cutting machines, but we can also rely on a multilingual and cross-skilled team, who daily bring together their passion. We strive to accompany our customers throughout their journey, by welcoming their intuitions and needs, as well as transforming them into our challenges. Our customers are never let alone: we are by their side from the first contact, to tailored manufacturing and after-sales.

Our permanent showroom

Our showroom is a further reason to be proud. Open to visitors all year round, it reflects our efforts and serves as a proof of our shared values: Passion & Commitment, Customer Care, Research & Innovation, as well as a fresh hint of Creativity.