The endless band knife automatic contour cutting machine SLC SF has been designed to provide users with simplicity and easiness of use in a solid product.

A powered turntable and a precise clamp device allow a cross contouring operation for perfect 3D products.

The controlling software can import existing archives thanks to the DXF format compatibility.

Through the RAM Planner new designs can acquired and/or reedited and efficient production plans can be scheduled by preparing complex layouts and precise cutting paths.

The machine can be equipped with automatic unloading and/or loading conveyors for an outstanding level of productivity.

Can deal with...
  • Soft, medium, high density polyurethane blocks, from low to high hardness
  • HR, polyester and polyether polyurethanes
  • Memory foam
  • Latex
  • Rebounded foam
  • Melamine foam and closed cells materials manufacture
  • Mattress and pillows
  • Sofa sets and seats
  • Upholstery parts
  • Acoustic panels and boards
  • Technical and automotive components
  • Packaging parts

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