Customization is RAM’s competitive advantage.

Our agile organization responds quickly to changes in the marketplace, through experimentation and adaptation. Our focus is on our customers’ needs, with a view to giving them customized solutions to specific applications – instead of standardized offerings.

We leverage the experience and expertise of our engineers and technicians, to get full control on the final product. Thanks to teamwork and internal sharing, people who work at RAM are accountable for the end-to-end outcomes of their work: from designing to manufacturing, from marketing to sales, from technical support to customer care.

Our customized cutting systems enable those who choose us to reach functional targets and operative results otherwise hardly achievable. The benefits will be evident in terms of production time, number of operations, as well as equipment quality.

Blocks, slabs and sheets

Automatic machines for processing many types of materials coming in blocks or sheets.

RAM contour cutting systems are automatic machines suited to process blocks of different materials, such as soft and rigid polyurethane foam (low-to-high density), memory foam, latex, rebonded foam, rock wool, polystyrene, melamine, and closed-cell polyurethane.

It is also possible to cut checked slabs, polyester, polyethylene, combined boards, pre-impregnated materials, forex, checked and smooth Airex, as well as polyurethane sheets.

Multi-ply textile and other materials

The RAM product portfolio also encompasses automatic machines for multi-ply spreading and cutting of fabrics and textile, artificial leather, nonwoven fabric, Alcantara, Dacron, Kevlar, glass wool, carbon and glass fibers, rubber, wadding, and resinated fibers.

Other types of cutting

Our technologies ensure a very high cutting potential to process a wide range of materials which goes beyond the ones mentioned above.

Application fields

The different application areas covered by RAM’s automatic cutting machines and systems include bedding (mattress and pillows), upholstery, sofa sets and seats, orthopedic items, insulation and soundproofing panels, packaging, automotive, ship-building kits, sandwich panels (multi-layers and resinated materials), industrial applications, washers production, as well as high-tech applications.

Quick reminder: our permanent showroom is open all year long. You can schedule non-binding cutting tests here at our facilities. We will be glad to guide you through our range of products and evaluate together any possible solutions suitable for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us to inquire about our cutting machines and systems. Alternatively, you can fill out this 1-minute questionnaire, and we will get back to you with practical advice and a commercial quotation tailored to your specific needs.

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