From evolution to revolution…and beyond!


The year 1979, a university student, and his reputation as an innovator and technology enthusiast. These are the original ingredients that led to the foundation
of RAM Elettronica S.p.A. in Cognento, a little town in the province of Modena (Italy).
Today, Research & Innovation are still the cornerstones of our company

THE ‘80s:


In the ’80s, RAM Elettronica S.p.A. joins the textile industry after registering its first patent for computerized metering devices.
In this decade, our company enters the world of cutting technologies – from laser to blades

THE ’90s:


With the transition to the cutting industry – more specifically the automatic contour cutting of polyurethane foam – RAM maps out its future and paves the way for the years to come. Indeed, the first horizontal oscillating-blade foam cutting machine and the first horizontal abrasive wire foam cutting machine are
designed during these years.

The year 1999 is a turning point: RAM moves its business to San Cesario Sul Panaro (Italy). It is time to introduce more technologically advanced machinery and become independent of external suppliers. From the ‘90s onwards, all RAM machines have been supplied with entirely in-house developed software.

THE 2000s:


With the new millennium, RAM celebrates a fresh start: on the one hand, with the inauguration of our permanent showroom – where our customers have the possibility to test our cutting machines and systems; on the other hand, with the introduction of further technological innovations. Among these, we find the RAM RotaDobe, a system which aims at optimizing the production cycle as well as reducing production times.

Research & Innovation also lead to the launch of our first endless-band-knife contour-cutting machines – both vertical and horizontal.

THE EARLY 2010s:


Constant research and technological development also contribute to a constant product enhancement and renewal. Our first SF series – which stands for SuperFast cnc contour cutting machines – dates back to the beginning of this decade.

THE MID-2010s:


Our desire to constantly renew ourselves as well as our product offer has led to a rapid revolution of our company. The result? The creation of our innovative blade-sustaining bracket and our new EV series, as two further steps in our call to EnVision the future of technology.

Such revolution involves also our software. Indeed, in the mid-10s, our new v7 Software Package is implemented.

THE EARLY 2020s:


Our inclination to constant development does not only concern our contour cutting machines, but also our people. Indeed, the synergy between our senior and junior team members is the key strength of our modern-day RAM. Only by relying on such bond, can we leverage our long-standing experience as well as the energy and expertise of our new arrivals. In this way, we create ever-increasing value which is in line with the pillars of our identity: Passion & Commitment, Customer Care, Research & Innovation, and a new hint of Focused Creativity.

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