We at RAM are manufacturers of contour cutting machines which process polyurethane foam, fabric, textile and fibers. We stand out in the contour cutting industry for tailoring our products so that they meet our customers’ needs. Our range of contour cutters divides into two different types of machines:

  • Horizontal and vertical contour cutting machines

    They make use of different cutting technologies (e.g. oscillating blade, continuous blade, abrasive wire, etc.) to process mainly blocks and sheets of expanded polyurethane – be it rigid or flexible.

  • Static tables and conveyor cutting systems

    Based on blade technology, these machines are specifically designed to process textile and fibers, thanks to the presence of automatic spreaders for fabrics and wadding.

Our machines have been designed to meet industrial productivity requirements as well as high cutting accuracy. You can make the most of them in the upholstery and bedding industry – to produce sofa sets, mattresses and pillows; but they are also employed to manufacture fashion items, padding, composites, thermo-acoustic insulation, packaging, as well as in the automotive and marine sectors.


The values we embody to pursue our goals

Research and innovation are among our shared values. Indeed, the application of new technologies has always been our driving force. Our unconventional approach to problem solving has laid the foundations for a whole range of products which differs from existing solutions. Our statement is to continue to redefine the future standards of the polyurethane cutting world, by means of new machines capable of yielding more and more value, processing an ever-increasing range of cutting materials, as well as minimizing production costs.


A continuous exchange with our customers

All our products are entirely conceived, developed and assembled in-house. Such a resolute choice reflects our competitive strategy. We invest considerably in hi-end equipment, as well as hardware and software development platforms, with a view to customizing our machines and meeting – or rather exceeding – our customers’ expectations. Our agile organization ensures both consistency in product quality and very fast response times to ongoing insights, inquiries and requests. Of course, this would not be possible through standard outsourcing practices. Indeed, being both witnesses and key players in every single step which leads to the overall result – from metalworking to after sales – we can maintain a continuous exchange with our customers, and enhance our processes and products accordingly.

Our team includes specialized technical staff that deals with research and development, in order to keep optimizing the cutting processes of different materials. In other words, our internal, remarkable know-how is an asset. It enables us to turn every minor intuition into new functionalities and applications for our customers.


Efforts translated into numbers

1200 sqm

of permanent showroom where you can browse our machines. Supported by qualified internal technicians, cutting trials can be easily performed, directly on your patterns and samples, so as to give you an idea of the advantages you would get by opting for RAM’s contour cutting machines.

30 years

of research in cutting technology, led by the idea of a continuous optimization for your automatic production processes.


different cutting machine models, offered in more than 70 standard configurations, so as to fulfil any required application.


distinct cutting technologies to choose from: horizontal endless band-knife, vertical endless band-knife, oscillating blade, horizontal abrasive fastwire, vertical abrasive fastwire, and reciprocating knife. RAM is the only automatic foam and textile machineries manufacturer to offer such a diversification.


unique partner for the whole cutting process of the multiple components in the upholstery, furniture, and bedding industries.


Where we operate

RAM operates across the European Union, the Mediterranean area and the Middle East. We are currently strengthening our presence in many countries in these areas, as well as investing to export our technologies and our pioneering vision to new emerging markets, such as those of Latin America.

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